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The Wave
Feb. 8, 2024
McKenzy braaten introduces The Wave to Winnipeg
FARGO, ND - EPIC Company's McKenzy Braaten introduces The Wave Resort to listeners in Winnipeg.
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The Wave
Feb. 7, 2024
Funding Secured for The Wave Waterpark Resort Development
FARGO, ND - Work will soon start on a multi-million dollar development in North Dakota, with the Wave Waterpark Resort in Fargo, North Dakota, set to open in February 2026Read More
The Wave
Feb. 6, 2024
Work to Begin on The Wave
FARGO, ND - The Forum recently posted an update on The Wave by EPIC, the resort and waterpark set to open at EOLA in Fargo in December of 2025. Funding for the project has been securing, meaning construction will start this spring.
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The Wave
Feb. 2, 2024
The Wave Waterpark Poised for EPIC Debut in Fargo
FEPIC Companies was recently featured in an a by Fargo Underground highlighting the opening of The Wave Waterpark Resort in December 2025!
The Wave by EPIC Waterpark Resort, the first new construction indoor waterpark, is set to open in Fargo, North Dakota soon. It will make a splash in the region and is expected to open in December 2025 with soft openings. Guests can start making their first reservations on February 1st, 2026. The Wave has finalized all plans and secured the final loan, allowing construction work to begin. The project’s total cost is approximately $73.8 million. EPIC Companies and its investors will be the owner and developer of the project, while a Wisconsin-based company with experience in similar attractions, will manage the project.
The Wave is a symbol of fun and relaxation that appeals to people of all ages and is in line with Fargo’s growing reputation as a vibrant and family-friendly city. At the heart of this exciting resort lies a 50,000 square foot indoor waterpark that draws visitors from a 180-mile radius. The waterpark is not exclusive to overnight guests, as it’s open to the public with day passes available for purchase. This ensures that anyone can enjoy the excitement and pleasure of The Wave.
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The Wave
Feb. 1, 2024
The Wave is Ready to Make a Splash in Fargo, North Dakota
FARGO, ND - unding for the project completed and the project will start construction as soon as the frost lifts.Ready to make a splash in North Dakota, the first ew construction indoor waterpark, is opening in Fargo, North Dakota very soon. Set to open in December 2025 with soft openings, guests will be able to make their first reservation on February 1st, 2026. The Wave has finalized all plans and closed with on its final loan allowing construction to begin. The finalized cost for the project has come in at approximately $73.8 millioRead More
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